Treker: Accurate, real-time school bus tracking and student ridership

Go safely.

Step aboard the most advanced communication platform for parents, school administrators, and transportation directors.

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A safer way.

When kids travel to and from school, their well-being is in the hands of parents, bus drivers, administrators, and transportation directors. We put leading technology in those hands.

Our safety-first approach is giving parents peace of mind, providing school officials with greater visibility, and helping districts operate more efficiently.

Most of all, it’s making school travel safer for kids. That’s the way we roll.


Ready for anything.

See how our new features help districts keep students, staff, and families safe during the pandemic and beyond.

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Delivering for districts.

We've made it easier and less expensive to onboard our communication platform.

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Safety just got easier for everyone.

  • Students

    Parents simply clip our fob to a backpack, then our proprietary, hands-free technology allows young students to check on and off the bus effortlessly and accurately.

  • Parents

    An easy-to-use app lets parents know when the bus will arrive, when their child boards and un-boards, and where the bus is at en route to school.

  • Bus

    Drivers view real-time route and traffic details, maintain contact with admins, and view a digital rider manifest through a mounted tablet that’s always within reach.

  • School Administrators

    A web portal allows admins to make sure all riders are accounted for, follow buses in real time, and keep in touch with drivers and parents as needed.

  • Transportation Directors

    Transportation directors use our web portal to keep tabs on young students, manage the entire bus fleet, and communicate with admins, drivers and parents in real time.

  • District Administrators

    In compliance with the Paul Lee School Bus Safety Law, our child safety alert system ensures all riders have un-boarded and notifies authorities if it's possible a child remains on the bus.


Technology that moves at the speed of kids.

Treker was developed especially for school districts—and with them. We’ve ridden with bus drivers, walked the halls with admins, and watched transportation directors conduct the symphony that is daily school travel. And we’re parents, too.

Mix it all together with some engineering moxie and you get Treker, the only real-time communication platform with hands-free tech for riders, and TrekAlert, the most advanced child safety alert system.


We’re parents, too.

Keeping kids safe is what revs us up.

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Hop on board.
Sophie is heading to school. Come along for the ride and see how Treker makes her journey safer every step of the way.


Roll with us.

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